Please feel free to check out our web site, make sure you check the dive calendar and make your plans to join us at an upcoming event. If you need more information on any of our events please click here to find your local MDC dive club.

Fun Diving

Competition is a large part of the MDC, but we can't be serious all the time. We also schedule fun diving as well at most all of our competitive weekend events. This includes (but is not limited to) night-diving, prize events, treasure hunts, and many other events.

During fun dives we visit some of the best dive sites throughout the lakes, and the day is taken at a leisurely pace for everyone's enjoyment. Recreational diving, treasure hunting, fish feeding, underwater photography, top side photography, and just plain fun are what's on the schedule.

About Us

The Midwest Diving Council was organized in 1959, to promote the activities of skin and scuba diving in the Midwest United States, and is made up of numerous dive clubs from that area. Our activities include hosting events in underwater hockey, skin diving, scuba diving, underwater photography, scuba skills, and just plain fun. We also promote enjoyment, fellowship, safety, and knowledge among scuba divers and those interested in the underwater world. Check out the links above and to the left, to learn more specific information about our organization, its Clubs, officers, and even its individual members. New divers and dive clubs are always welcome to join us - for good friends, good fun, and good diving. We will be happy to assist you in forming or joining a club and/or activities in your area.

The various clubs that make up the Midwest Diving Council host diving events approximately every other weekend during the dive season. Divers can compete in different events throughout these weekends. These weekend dives include skin diving and scuba diving spear fishing events, topside and underwater photography competitions, scuba skills events, along with the best fun diving, and usually a dinner and/or party hosted by the sponsoring club.

If you would like more details or just one on one information, simply contact the MDC Officer listed nearest to your geographic location. The Midwest Diving Council is not affiliated with any particular dive shop, and we do not certify or formally train in SCUBA. Training in our area is very adequately handled by local, regional, and national diver training and certifying agencies.

The Midwest Diving Council is a non-profit organization, and a charter member of the Underwater Society of America (U.S.O.A.), the national organization of Diving Councils. The Underwater Society of America is also a member of the World Underwater Federation governing all underwater sports worldwide.

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